DIY Pin-spirations: 08/31

Each week I’d like to share some DIY projects I found on Pinterest. Some I’ve done and some I want to give a shot.

1.) Toilet paper roll bird feeder (kid approved)!


Super simple, cheap, and environmental friendly gift! Fun for the kids.

Find the full instructions here:


2.) Character ornaments (not yet attempted these specifically).


Cute and inexpensive gift that can be personalized.

Find the full instructions here:


3.) Palet patio bar (not yet attempted).


Two palets standing on their side and connected in the middle. Three stepping stones on top.

The link for the directions was in another language so I’m not sure what else goes into it. If you are up for trying to figure it out, here ya go:


4.) Chalkboard window calendar (not yet attempted).


Awesome up cycle of an old windows pane. Super cute DIY decor!

Full instructions can be found here:


5.) Crayon hearts (successful, big hit attempt)!


Creative, a tad time consuming, but fun DIY craft with the kiddos. Makes great Valentines, too!

For full instructions on how to make these, here’s the link:

So that wraps it up for my first, hopefully weekly edition of DIY Pinspirations. If you attempt any that I share on here, I’d love to hear your experiences!


School Days!


Summer was amazing, it came and it went. Now, it’s back to school for all of the kiddos. This year, my sweets is a big ole third grader. Despite the fact she’s just turning 8, she’s a whole year ahead in grade years. Couldn’t be more proud of her. She’s accomplished so much at her age that most kids don’t until a later age.

This year, she had high hopes of which teacher she’d get, preferably she wanted one of her cheer coaches. She waited all summer for that letter to come in the mail with her teacher assigned. Finally, we received a white envelope with a picture of her school’s mascot on it. The excitement began to rise, I opened it up and she couldn’t find out soon enough. She got the teacher she wanted!! Her next wonder was if her best friends were in her class. I made a post on Facebook to inquire who else had received their teacher assignment. She had mixed feelings at this point, one of her closest friends since Kindergarten wasn’t in her class for the first time in 4 years. On the other hand, one of her other good friends was. She cried a little and smiled a lot. Regardless, she was going to have an awesome school year!

When she was younger, the first day of school was a challenge. She had separation anxiety and would cry. I think in the end, it would hurt me more and longer than it did her. Last year she finally seemed to shake that tradition. So this year, that wasn’t a concern for me. Sure enough, I was right. I am that mom who takes a billion of pictures and wants millions of hugs and kisses. This year, you can tell she’s getting more independent and although she was acceptable of the hugs, kisses, and billions of pictures, she was also beginning to enter that embarrassment phase. Like, “okay mom, that’s enough” phase.

After the first day, she decided she had reached the point where she wanted a big girl hair cut. She had always just had a slight trim and never really chopped off much. Well, she was brave and did just that. She absolutely loves it and so do I! The top picture was the morning of her first day of school this year and the bottom two pictures are the morning of the second and third day, showing off her new ‘do. Notice, she loves animal print. Every day for the first week it was a different animal print incorporated into her outfit, stylin’ and profilin’!

Regardless, the first two weeks have been outstanding. She’s doing awesome on her homework, grades, and making new friends. Again, she exceeds my expectations and rises above. I’m one proud and boastful mom, here’s to her third grade school year!

20140820_073944    20140821_074045


Where’s my Easy Button?

My original thought when I created this blog was that I would be an avid writer. The way life has been the last month or so, that just hasn’t been possible. It seems like if something could happen, it has. Although, it could still always be worse so don’t mistake my statement for a complaint. Far from it. 

First, the check engine light came on my car, then the washer quit working. Then, the A/C in the car messed up and smelt like something was burning when it was cut on. So, the washer is still out of commission and doesn’t appear to be worth fixing. We are in the process of looking around for another one. Regarding the check engine light, that was an easy fix thank the Lord. My gas cap was cracked which triggered the warning light. In the process of changing the A/C compressor, found out the A/C condenser needs to be replaced. It’s on the mend at least!

We were at Party City trying to get everything for my girl’s birthday party coming up and when we went to leave, the passenger side window got stuck and wouldn’t go back up. My Civic had that issue too but is an easy fix. Again, very thankful  for that. Just seems like one thing after the other, that’s all. Here’s to improvement, have a great Labor Day weekend!

Upcoming topics: Back to School, Birthday Shenanigans, and Football!