Lyric Intervention

Do you ever hear a song and immediately get goosebumps? Do you immediately feel this unsettling yet surprisingly sweet feeling deep inside that at that moment, you were meant to hear that particular melody? And at that moment, that song was entirely wrote single handedly for you?

It amazes me how relatable lyrics are and how just at the right time, we hear just exactly what we need to hear (even when it’s not what we want to sometimes). Some say it’s a coincidence but I honestly feel, it’s intervention. I can’t begin to count how many times I have been struggling or going through a situation not only negative but positive as well, and heard a song that just erased every thought running through my mind. My body escapes the current physical state and seems to pass into a deep spiritual or emotional state with a connection unexplainable. I have had moments where I feel I’m breaking entirely and cannot push on any longer only to hear just the exact words I needed to that lifted my spirits and pushed me to just keep trucking along. It absolutely blows my mind how that happens. After all, God is full of many wonders. It’s all His doing, every single time. Or at least, in my heart that’s what I feel.

You don’t agree? That’s perfectly okay, you’re allowed to think and feel whatever it is that you do and are not expected to conform to my thoughts or beliefs. This isn’t a post to try and get in your head on some spiritual or religious rant. In fact, not even close. It’s just a short and simple post to acknowledge how music has an impact on myself, possibly you as well, both mentally and spiritually. Even when we least expect it. Gosh. I just love when it happens, too.



So if you’re anything like the rest of the world, you’ve caught it. The undeniable, sing along in your head, back to the original Disney movie craze, Frozen fever. We alone have seen it a gazillion times, listened to the soundtrack so much that it won’t even play certain tracks. And that’s not because it’s scratched either, ha! From the t-shirts to the lip gloss, to the stationary, and nail polish. From the American Doll outfits all the way to shampoo and conditioner. My daughter has it or wants it.

It was a no brainer this year that her birthday party was going to HAVE to include the movie in some way, shape, or form. Therefore, it did just that. We celebrated her 8th birthday party FROZEN themed style and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. Being a Frozen theme, she originally wanted it at the ice skating rink. However, they had very strict rules on what you can and cannot bring. The party planner in me had so much envisioned for her party that when I was basically told no on the food items I wanted to bring that tied into the movie, I knew we had to find somewhere else to have her party.

Well, it happened to work out effortlessly. The day she wanted to get her haircut (which will be another post when I get around to it), the stylist was talking to us about parties in their salon. That’s when miss priss decided that’s where she wanted her party. They were entirely open to me decorating any way I wanted, bringing anything I wanted, and it was definitely an effortless decision that that’s where her party was meant to be. And, that it was.

Her birthday falls around the Labor Day holiday so it makes it hard to plan something where all of her bestest buddies are in town and can attend. So this year, we pushed back her party a couple of weeks. Which to her, it worked out better. She got to go out to eat with family the week of her birthday, again the following week, and then her party the next week. She basically got to celebrate three separate times, lucky much?

As much as I’d love to go into the details of her party and all of the DIY items I did for it, I’ll save that for another post only because I’m down right exhausted. I’ve been pulling overtime, along with schoolwork, and mini’s cheerleading practice and tumbling. So, that being said I’m going to go ahead and close for now. I hope you’ll return to see all of the exciting things we did for her party, it’ll be pink, purple, and all things girly. You won’t want to miss it!