Weigh day!

For all of my fellow Tuesday meeting goers, how did your weigh day go? If not good on the scale, what non-scale victory are celebrating? Maybe that pair of pants you’ve had hidden in that bottom drawer are now fitting, maybe that doughnut you gave up when providing them for your daughter’s cheerleading team (I can relate!), or maybe even just the simple victory that despite the week you had, you still decided to show up. That takes guts! No matter where you are in your weight loss journey or how you did this past week, today is a new day! A new opportunity to do better. I applaud you!


Enough of me rambling on although I am hopeful someone finds good use of my rambles, I went to my meeting expecting good results. I have stuck to it this week and really focused. Boy was it worth it! I am down 2.4 pounds this week. I am 3 pounds away from another 5 lb star and 8 pounds away from my 10% weight loss charm! That’s something to be proud of and celebrate! 

This week we discussed our “why.” Why did we start, why do we continue the program, and what’s our why for staying motivated? Once I get mine all filled in (which I am a huge fan of the new weight tracker which is now our “success story”) then I will share mine with you. Think about it though.. what is your why?

Until next time friends, xo!


Weight Watchers

This past week I didn’t go to my meeting because I’ve been in training but the meeting before this last one I was up 0.4 which most people would frown about but instead, I celebrated non scale victories. What are non scale victories? Special milestones during your weight loss journey that aren’t measured by a scale such as, getting into that smaller pair of jeans, wearing a medium shirt instead of a large, feeling energized because of the amount of sleep you’ve been getting, and even the time you took fresh hot ‘n now doughnuts to your child’s practice because it was their birthday and you didn’t even have one. Yep, I was celebrating that one for sure! It’s tough to pass up the best doughnut ever, Krispy Kreme. So despite not being able to attend this week’s meeting I have been sticking to my points and look forward to next week’s meeting!


Friday and feelin’ it!

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my journaling Bible entries so what better time than now. I can’t take entire credit for the entry in the above picture because the idea and original proof came from Valerie Wiener’s Art. I found an image on Pinterest that she had done and I fell in love with it and the truth behind this particular verse. I attempted to free hand the picture and added some of my own parts to it. 

I used Micron pens (.05 & .01) and Crayola twistables. The hedgehog paper clip I made using card stock, a pencil, scissors, a traditional school glue stick, paper clip, and hot glue. I have actually just started getting into the crafty paper clips. Here are the ones I’ve made over the last couple of days..


As I make more, I’ll continue to share them. For every one I’ve made so far, they all have been hand drawn and cut, no machine. Sorry the lighting isn’t the same in both, the last image was taken after the sun had gone down and there wasn’t that beautiful natural light like in the first one.

Hope y’all have a great weekend! Xo.