Thursday Thought



Photography Investment, Eeep!

I am so excited, I’m having a hard time containing myself. I just made a big girl purchase for studio lighting!! I cannot wait for it all to arrive so I can set up and play around with some studio shots. I will definitely share some with you as well. Do any of you have studio lighting and if so, what is your best advice for us newbies (myself) who is new to studio lighting for photography purposes? I would love any advice you have to give. Ready, set, go!!

La vita e’ bella

Life is beautiful. When there is sorrow, life is beautiful. When there is mourning, life is beautiful. Where there is happiness, life is beautiful. Life can be sloppy sometimes but it’s a beautiful ride. This is easy to remember when things are going good but when your world is shaken, are you quick to remember this or quick to forget?

My best friend has lost her father in law, 27-year-old daughter, and her grandmother in the last three weeks. My aunt has lost her father. There is so much sorrow, heartbreak, void, tears, questions, yet la vita e’ bella. Through it all, life is beautiful.

There are parents without children, children without parents, grandchildren without grandparents, and grandparents without grandchildren. Through it all, la vita e’ bella. There are no words that can fill the void, there are no band aids big enough to cover the wound, there are no amounts of kindness that can take away the sorrow. Yet, life is beautiful.

When the going gets tough, choose to focus on the positive. Through the rain, look for the rainbow. Most importantly, enjoy this beautiful ride and love deeply. If you’re of the praying kind, please keep my family and friend’s family in your prayers and always remember, la vita e’ bella.

Living and Active Challenge

Okay y’all, I’m so excited to share with you this new challenge that I’m going to be a part of starting this Monday, October 5th. It’s the living and active challenge by Clare Smith. For those of you who are not familiar with who that is, she is a fitness instructor who loves Jesus. I have been following her on Instagram for quite some time now and just subscribed to her blog. This is the fourth annual living and active challenge but the first year I’ve decided to participate.

Here are the goals during the 5 week challenge:

  • Physical Challenge – Exercise (with your routine or Clare’s) 4 days a week for the 5 weeks we are in it. (25 minutes is minimum time)
  • Spiritual Challenge – Memorize the new weekly verse/Soul Food (as well as maintaining prior weeks) and do the key challenge.
  • Accountability – Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope. Clare will be checking in and it’s our opportunity to ask questions, share information/moments, etc.

I know what you all are wondering, what’s the cost? Guess what, there is no cost. This 5 week challenge is FREE! Head over to her blog to read more and if you would like to have all of the information that will be available in one place, she has a new training guide for purchase that goes along with the challenge but is not mandatory. I am one of those who likes to have everything in one place and that’s easy to access so I have purchased one for myself but definitely don’t feel obligated. You can be a part of this challenge without a penny! OH!! and there are prizes, too. That’s right, there are 3 different grand prize packages with some awesome stuff.

Access her blog by clicking here.
Find more information on the grand prize packages here.
More detail about the challenge itself can be found here!

I hope you’ll join in, challenge starts in t-minus 2 days!