Well hello there!

Welcome to my blog, so glad you stumbled upon my site and I hope that you’ll become a frequent visitor.

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Hollie. Born and raised in the south, lover of all things crafty, and the color pink. I am a mother, photographer, full time employee, and student. My faith and family are the two biggest motivators in my life, I am addicted to my planner and I have just recently committed to Bible journaling, running, and Advocare.

My blog will consist of personal experiences, inspirational and motivational topics, DIY projects, recipes, and product reviews. I hope to be an inspiration through my posts, sometimes even just to be another person going through something similar that you’re going through or went through.

Please connect with me through comments, that’s the only way I know that what I’m posting is relevant or irrelevant to what you would like or need to read about. This world can be a little crazy. We can go through some messy times but amidst it all, it’s a beautiful mess and I’d love to share the journey with you.

Happy reading!


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