Get Ready for Summer!

You guys! I am a tad jealous that this incredible deal wasn’t around when I joined. If you’ve been thinking about jumping on board with Advocare as a retail customer or as a distributor yourself getting the automatic 20% discount but haven’t, now is the time to do so. FREE shipping and FREE Spark!! Yes, you heard right. Get your 24-day challenge bundle and even if you aren’t ready to start a 24 day challenge right now, you’ll have it on hand for when you are. This offer is only for a limited time, don’t procrastinate. I’ve ordered mine, let’s order yours. NOW is the time!


It’s April 1st, y’all!

Can you believe how fast this year is moving by? I know I sure can’t.

What about any April Fool’s jokes, have you been fooled? I have done really good while on social media today to not get fooled. However, my employer got me pretty good. On our main webpage there were new articles about our main building being sold, employees testing out a blue uniform, and our CEO being on Dancing with the Stars. I bought the first one hook, line, and sinker but then the other two I was a little hesitant about while reading. Still funny though!

Here are some exciting things & topics, in no particular order, you can look forward to seeing on the blog in the upcoming month:

-Catching up on my SSMT verses
-March photo-a-day challenge recap
-End of cheer competition season
-Momsanity Sisterhood updates
-American Girl Fashion Show
-Sunburst Beauty Pageant
-Introducing ME!
-Personal struggles
-Summer plans

I’m excited Spring has arrived and the days are warming up.

Cheers, xo!