Cheerful and Crafty!

I made a couple trips to our local Hobby Lobby store this weekend and have so much to be a happy crafter about.. new washi tape, tab puncher, scrapbook paper, and stamps. I have seen people making their own Bible tabs and instead of purchasing a set on Etsy, I wanted to try and make my own. I haven’t started but I have stocked up on what I need to begin!

My obsession with washi tape is pretty obvious, although isn’t everyone? Okay, maybe it’s just me but how can you resist the tiny little prints that bring so much life to your planners and Bibles. Oh!! Side note, I purchased a new life planner by Erin Condren. I cannot wait for it to arrive, it’ll be my first EC planner and I will definitely be posting about that in the future. Back on track, my new stamps. Oh em gee, so cute! I purchased six new stamps because they were on sale for 50% off, we all know how expensive stamps can be. All of the ones I purchased dealt with photography in some way except for one, my mason jar. Totally precious!

Have you made any recent craft supply purchases? I’d love to hear about them and what your current go-to product is. Mine is obviously, washi.

Happy crafting! Xo.



Siesta Scripture Memory Team – Verse 4

Good morning followers, hope you all are doing wonderful. I am a bit behind as this has been one crazy week, I’ll be posting to tell you about it in bits and pieces when I have a few minutes. As you know, today is the 20th and if you’re participating in the Siesta Scripture Memory Team with Living Proof Ministries blog, you know that we are on our fourth verse of this memorization journey.

Each time I pick a verse, I have been trying to find one that speaks to me during whatever season I’m currently going through. The verse I’ve chosen this time is Psalm 139:14. Here are the two versions that I prefer:

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. -Psalm 139.14 NIV

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. -Psalm 139:14 ESV

It’s so easy to get caught up in the conformations of the world and look at yourself through the standards of media. Trust me, I struggle with this fact daily, which is why I chose this verse. I need to remind myself of this every single day! However, we should all remember that we were created in God’s image and by his liking. He created us just the way he wanted us. No magic diet pill or surgery is going to make us the way he originally created us. We must first love ourselves. We have to remember that no matter what the media tells us, we are a one of a kind original. We were handpicked by God and altogether beautiful. Don’t allow yourself to be down, upset, or ashamed of who you are. After all, YOU are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made. HIS works are WONDERFUL. You, my friend, are wonderful! Let’s remind ourselves of this and see ourselves the way God intended us to.

If you are an avid follower of my blog, you know that I have picked up Bible journaling for one of my resolutions to aid with me walk and relationship with Christ. Now that I’ve shared my selected verse with you, I want to share my Bible journaling entry with you regarding this verse.


For this entry I mainly used Crayola Twistables, Micron 03 & 05 pens, and Erin Condren fiber point pens. The tab is from a sticker sheet that I purchased at AC Moore. If you have any questions regarding my journaling Bible then I would love to answer. I really hope that through my Bible journaling experience, I can inspire someone else to begin Bible journaling.

Until next time friends!

Siesta Scripture Memory Team – Verse 2

You are altogether beautiful, my love, there is no flaw in you.

Song of Solomon 4:7

If you’ve read previous posts of mine this year, you know I’m participating in a Bible verse memorization journey with fellow believers. I’m doing this through Living Proof Ministries and you pick a new verse on the 1st and 15th of every month to memorize. The goal is by the end of the year, you will have memorized 24 Bible verses. If you want to join in this journey, head on over to Living Proof Ministries Blog.

My verse of choice for week 2 is Song of Solomon 4:7. This verse to me is a reminder that I was created in God’s image and although I see myself as imperfect and at times a failure, His love is unconditional. In His image, I am imperfectly perfect. There is a sense of acceptance that has to be recognized when understanding your true beauty. This is something that I personally struggle with, haven’t ever been one with a huge positive self image. If I strive to live the way God intends for me to live, I am living a beautiful life.

Some say Song of Song’s was written for Solomon while others say it was written by Solomon. I personally interpret it as the relationship of God and His Church. How do you interpret this particular book of the Bible and verse? I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

To go along with my SSMT verse 2, I’ve made another entry in my journaling Bible. I am really excited about this journey I have embarked on this year already and look forward to how it’s going to change my relationship with the Lord for the better.


Growing Closer to God Through Art, Design, and Journaling.

I am human and I fail. I don’t live the way I should all the time but I try. I make mistakes yet He loves me anyway. How astonishing is that? He blesses me with so much even though I don’t deserve it. How can anyone know that and not want a deeper, more personal relationship with Him? I want to love like Jesus loves. I want to trust in Him ALWAYS, not just when it’s convenient. I want to be confident in myself and see myself through His eyes. I am valued, a one of a kind original. I was handpicked by the King of Kings.

Despite knowing all of this, I always feel that my relationship with God isn’t where it needs to be. So, I spent some time searching different approaches to really studying scripture and gaining a deeper relationship with the Lord. I came across the process of journaling in your Bible. I hadn’t heard of journaling Bibles before coming across Shanna Noel’s blog and Valerie Wieners Art. These two ladies have inspired me to start my own journaling Bible experience. One of my resolutions for the new year is the create a more meaningful and deeper relationship with God through my journaling Bible. I hope that through doing so and sharing my experiences, I’ll inspire someone else just as I was inspired.

So here it is, my first round of supplies on this new journey.


I purchased the ESV Journaling Bible by Crossway. After looking in a few stores, I was able to find it on hand at Lifeway. Other supplies you see in the picture are Erin Condren extra fine colored pens (these were a gift and I absolutely love them!), Crayola twistable crayons, different washi and duck tape designed tape, stamps and stamp pads, flag punch, and stickers. I am going to decorate the outside of my journaling Bible but not all at once because I’m sure I’ll run into other sticky fabrics, stickers, and tape designs I like and would like to display. So I’ll provide you with a before and after (so far) of the front cover.

IMG_0662         IMG_0673

I had so much fun making it my own. The sayings on the front cover are from a sticker sheet that I purchased at AC Moore. “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” How powerful is that? It really touches me and puts things into perspective. The other one, “Draw closer to God and He will draw closer to you” is one that I felt connected to mainly because I am terrible at not doing my daily devotion or personal prayer time simply because “I don’t have time.” This is reminding me that when I MAKE TIME, the Lord will make time for me in other areas. Without Him, I wouldn’t have any time, so I really need to do a better job at taking that time for Him.

Have you ever had a journaling Bible or maybe currently do? I would love to hear about your experience if so. I will be posting more as I make my mark with how I’m interpreting the scripture. Hope you’ll find it inspiring!

Updates, opinions welcome!

If you haven’t noticed, I like change. I get bored with the same stuff over a long period of time. I like to keep things interesting. So.. I’m tinkering around with the appearance of the blog once again. Please, those of you who read often and visit the site, what are your thoughts and opinions of the new header? I found the image on Google and added my own font to it. I’m definitely more of a beginner blogger, but blogger nonetheless.

Looking forward to the feedback!