Man Candy Monday (on a Friday)

If you’re an avid follower and reader of this random yet most of the time pointless blog, you know I don’t post many topics regarding the looks of men. Mainly because I have a very attractive, handsome boyfriend of my own and I am not one to gush over other men. However, iTunes radio has really been on point today. Some of my favorite men in the music industry have made this afternoon not too shabby (yes, my grin is as large as you’re imagining it to be).

So, I thought it’d be fun and different to post one of those typical ‘mcm’, “Man Candy Monday” posts but on a Friday.

When it comes to who I find attractive, some people agree and others don’t. It’s all a matter of personal preference and what you’re attracted to. I’m going to share some photos (all images were posted from Google, I do not claim rights to these photos) of the men who fit into my most attractive category and I would classify as a ‘mcm’, after my man of course.

L to R: Nick Jonas, Jason Aldean, Shemar Moore, Mark Wahlburg, John Driscoll
L to R: Adam Levine, Philip Rivers, Chris Soules, Kenny Chesney, Jeff Schroeder

Yes, they are mighty good looking and would fit my ‘mcm’ posts if I participated in them but the one that is my ‘mcm’ in reality is this handsome man right here. One of my favorite photos of him, love that face!

Who are some of you favorite ‘mcm’s? Are you familiar with mine?
Until next time, xo!


Valentine’s Day

…is only 10 days away!
Can you believe it? It seems just like yesterday we were celebrating the new year. What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate it, despiseĀ it, don’t care? I have always been one who looks forward to it. I remember as a young child, the excitement for our Valentine’s party at school and exchanging of cards and candy. Having my own daughter, I think I enjoy it even more. There is just something fun and competitive about striving to make an awesome DIY Valentine for her to pass out to her classmates. I do however, feel like you should show your loved ones EVERY day that you love them and not just during holidays such as Valentine’s Day.

If you do partake in the fun of Valentine’s Day and have children, do you already have their valentine’s picked out? I was on top of it this year and had ours decided on at the start of the year. I have not yet began to make them though, better get on that. If you haven’t picked yours out I recommend Pinterest, there are LOTS of ideas on there for fun and creative valentines.

Here are the DIY valentines she’s passed out in the past:

Kindergarten – Heart shaped crayons

1st Grade – 3D photo of her holding a lollipop
(will have to find it so I can take a photo of it for this post)

2nd Grade – Minion Twinkies
Says “Friends like you are one in a minion”

You’ll have to check back later to see what she’s giving out this year. I’m pretty excited about it!!

Updates, opinions welcome!

If you haven’t noticed, I like change. I get bored with the same stuff over a long period of time. I like to keep things interesting. So.. I’m tinkering around with the appearance of the blog once again. Please, those of you who read often and visit the site, what are your thoughts and opinions of the new header? I found the image on Google and added my own font to it. I’m definitely more of a beginner blogger, but blogger nonetheless.

Looking forward to the feedback!