Wednesday’s Wisdom

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. -Thomas A. Edison


Good Fortune

I am not a fan of Chinese or Asian cuisine but boy are my mini and man, they love it. Nothing against it, just not one of my acquired tastes I don’t guess. Today, when I wanted a place called Newk’s, mini me wanted the new Tin Tin buffet in our area. Pulled a good mom move and went there despite not enjoying that style of food. I do have to say, it was cleaner than most Asian buffets I have been to in the past and there was more of a selection for us non-Chinese loving customers. I did enjoy the hibachi grill. Ate a ginormous plate of grilled brocolli, mini corn, green peppers, and water chestnuts. Can’t complain, had a better experience there than other places in the past. Oh’ and the fruit was fresh and delicious! 

Onto the point of this post.. My fortune cookie was perfect for me and where I am currently in life. It was such a good reminder that in order to succeed you’re going to have to take risks and do things that aren’t necessarily easy. You’re going to have to sacrifice and take chances and in the end, the reward is far greater than you could’ve imagined. Most of all, don’t be afraid to step out in faith when you feel that you can’t. There’s a ton of opportunity out in this world, don’t be afraid to seize it. Xo!



In December, Kasey and I have birthdays. Our birthdays are 15 days a part and with his being right at Christmas it can sometimes seem as if it gets lost within the Christmas festivities. Not this year, though.

We both are turning 30 this month and so we decided we wanted a mini weekend getaway to celebrate. That’s just what we did. The three of us got up extra early yesterday and made the trek to Asheville, North Carolina. If you haven’t ever been to Asheville, I highly recommend it. The mountains in Asheville are beautiful. Yesterday, we even had snow flurries when we woke up and on our drive there. That was exciting.

Entrance to Biltmore

We had bought tickets in advance to The Biltmore Estate and planned to spend the day there. Not only do I recommend Asheville but if you are ever there, Biltmore is a must stop for tourists. Plan for it though because it’s something you want to take in, not rush, and really soak in all the beauty. I am so thankful that my daughter being so young got to experience this beautiful place that some never experience in their lifetime. Wish I had been able to go when I was 8! I was 29 before I visited for the first time.

Here is a panoramic photo I snapped on my phone while standing on the lawn in front of Biltmore. You can see the lawn fountain, Asheville mountains, and The Biltmore Estate.


Biltmore was the home of the Vanderbilts. Instead of posting details regarding this now tourist spot, I’ll provide a link where you can read about it, see photographs, even purchase tickets if you choose to do so. – – We toured the house, (pictures don’t do it justice) and then ate at the Stable Cafe. Once we finished eating we spent the rest of our visit going through the shops within Biltmore House & Gardens then we stopped at Antler Hill Village & Winery.

Funny story there. They had a petting zoo type area and I bent down to pet one of the baby billy goats. I proceeded to say ‘hey there sweet..’ when it bit me! Thankfully it didn’t hurt but it was quite amusing to my daughter. They were so funny, this one cracked me up standing on the bucket. Memories were made there that’s for sure!


Oh! While you’re inside, no photography is allowed. However, they do have a stop within the self guided tour where you can get your photo taken and choose to purchase it once you’ve exited the estate. Since this was our first time as a family visiting, we purchased ours along with an ornament for our tree.


I could go on and on about our visit but I’ll just leave you with a few more pictures instead. If you have been or are planning to go, I’d love to hear about your experience!