Vinegar Cucumbers

I am all about changing things up and not eating the same stuff each day, that’s boring to me and it doesn’t fill my tank. If it does yours, that’s great! Me however, I like different on a day to day basis or I feel burnt out and bored with my food. Sunday night when I meal prepped, I made a container of vinegar cucumbers.

I remember being a child and visiting my grandmother, she would always have vinegar cucumbers and I munched on them like they were the greatest thing. Still to this day, she will make them for my youngin’. I attempted to make them myself once before and they were a dud, nothing like grandma’s. However, I found this recipe but tweaked it a little for our batch and they are ah-ma-zing!!


  • 2 large cucumbers
  • 1/4 sweet onion
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • pepper (salt if you prefer but I stayed away)


  1. Peel the cucumbers and slice to your preferred thickness.
  2. Slice the onion into thin slices (you don’t have to eat the onion but the flavor will be off if you omit them).
  3. Put the sliced cucumbers and onions into your container and pour your vinegar and water over them. 1 cup of each seemed to cover my vegetables just right, you can add more/less depending on the depth of your container. You want the liquid to cover the vegetables.
  4. Season with pepper (and salt if you prefer) just a smidgen.
  5. Cover and refrigerate. Ours was refrigerated for a good 10 hours before we gave them a sampling and they were perfect, just like grandma’s!

We have been munching on them this week and the taste got even better the longer it had been in the refrigerator. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we have. This will be a staple during the summer months, a quick and tasty (not to mention healthy) treat!



Purposeful Planner

You all know how much love I have for my planner, I am super excited to share with you my 2016 planner that just arrived! For 2015 I used a Erin Condren Life Planner thanks to a wonderful recommendation from a friend. I loved it, it is vibrant, lively, and has lots of doodle room. However, I wanted something that would really make me reflect on LIFE and not just what I needed to do and when I needed to do it. So, for 2016 I’m giving the Corie Clark Purposeful Planner a try.

It arrived in a gorgeous black and white striped box with a welcome card and precious inspirational card that says

You were created for a purpose it’s time to start living like it.

I absolutely love it, couldn’t agree more. That’s kinda where I am currently. I have so many to do’s and not even time in the day to get them done. It’s time I start really delving in on more than just a to do list.

Let me go into what makes this planner so special and “purposeful”. Outside of the inside cover being an animal print folder, this planner was created with much thought and love. It begins with a introduction letter from Corie Clark and an explanation of each section of your planner and how to get the most out of it. You begin by completing the “planning with a purpose” page. This lets you reflect on who you are, what are four of the most important hats that you wear? Out of those four roles, how do you want to be successful this year in each? Then, there are additional questions that you answer as a reflection and goal setting tool. The next page is your bucket list. What do you want to do this year? The next two pages are full 2016-2019 calendars.

Each month has it’s own tab and the month starts off with a full calendar. A quote is at the top right and extra room for notes on the left. Followed by the full month spread of two pages, there is a budget page, menu page, master to do list for the month, dreams and goals, and then each day has it’s own full page. YES! Each day has it’s own full page.

Each day has the date listed at the top with a quote. Other important areas on the daily page are “today I will..”, “health”, “water”, and my favorite “Prayer & Praise”. A planner designed with a special place for you to jot down prayers and praises daily! Other areas on the page is the schedule, brain dump, retail therapy, and menu. Each page also has a 15 minutes column with a guideline for each day. Here’s an image of January 1 in my 2016 planner (straight out of the box):

I cannot wait to begin using my purposeful planner. I have my washi tape, stamps, and pens stocked and ready. The one negative is the size, it is a large planner and will not fit in your everyday purse unless you’re carrying  a beach sized bag. With all the information it holds though, I can’t complain about the size.

If you’re interested in ordering your very own Corie Clark Purposeful Planner, visit the website here: Corie Clark (I chose the Coco Stripes Daily Planner, they are also available in other covers and as a weekly planner instead of daily).

Lash Lovin’


I am not one who wears much makeup but I recently made a ginormous leap and invested in some ‘big girl’ mascara. My friend was hosting an online party and I wanted to support and help her out. After making my Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara purchase I wondered if I had just wasted money and if I ever would really wear the mascara. Before I knew it, it arrived.

This gal who once in a blue moon took time to put on makeup was like a little giddy 12 year old putting makeup on for the first time. I couldn’t get into the package fast enough. 

I am amazed by this mascara and in complete love with this product. I felt I should share my results incase any of you are in search of a new mascara. 


It’s pretty apparent which eye has the mascara and which one doesn’t. It truly is that big of a difference, no tricks or gimmicks.  Outside of making your lashes look incredible, it’s an all natural product. The Younique 3D Fiber Lashes mascara is also waterproof but comes off easily with soap and water. I have sensitive skin and after much trial and error I’ve discovered the only facial cleansing wipe that doesn’t affect me negatively is the Burt’s Bees facial cleansing towelettes for sensitive skin. Much to my happiness, they worked perfectly to remove the mascara as well. The next two photos are of the facial cleansing wipe and the rest of my makeup from yesterday’s makeover.



Until next time, xo!

Bachelor Nation!

The time has finally come that we all (or at least some of us) have been waiting for.. the premier of Chris Soules’ Bachelor season. It’s sure to be a great one. The premier came on last night but I worked late and didn’t get to watch it live. However, I am super thankful for DVR and the ability to skip through the commercials and get to the good stuff. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Chris, I was a huge fan of his last Bachelorette season. He was in the final three and got sent home after he allowed himself to be vulnerable and confessed his love to Andi. Although I was a fan of his and wanted her to choose him, I’m glad she didn’t because now we all get to gush over him just a little bit longer as he takes a journey to yet again, find love. I must also add, Andi and Josh are totally adorable. Yes, this will be a long, opinionated, and girly post.. if that’s not your thing, I’d exit it now. (Can’t say I didn’t warn ya).


I really enjoyed hearing from the recent couples and to see them still so happy! I thought it was classy of Nikki to not throw Juan Pablo under the bus when so much of the nation feels she should. She responded with confidence in my opinion and tried her best to be respectful to him. That takes a lot after what she went through, in front of an entire nation at that. The only issue I had with her was the constant “like” but maybe it was just nerves.

So let’s get this started, I’m going to post my first impressions on all of the bachelorette ladies as I’m watching.

The women (or first 15):
Amanda – Lives at home with her mom, doesn’t cook, and doesn’t like to clean? Hmmmm. Awkward limo exit. Not a fan. Really big eyes, seems a little too talkative but we’ll see.
Amber – Eh’, pretty gal but he didn’t seem into her.
Ashley I. – She’s gonna get on my nerves I have a feeling, seems kinda loud and obnoxious. We’ll see?
Ashley S. – Didn’t look to happy when she exited the limo. Placed a “lucky penny” in Chris’ shoe. I believe she’s the one who hugged him first when he went inside.
Britt – First lady out of the limo. Seems to have good values regarding relationships & intimacy. The longest hug, ever. Seems giddy, loved the free hug slip of paper. First one on one time, I liked her talk with him even if it seems a tad too early. She just might get the first impression. I like her and it appears he does as well. I totally thought they were going to kiss! One of my favorites!
Jillian – Love that she can tumble! Comes across as intimidating. Got off to a good start it seems.
Kaitlyn – Chris seemed to be attracted at first glance, awkward statement “you can plow my field any day.” Might be a hoot. Chris kinda cut her off from “telling a joke” and took the floor. “Why did the walrus go to a Tupperware party?” “Because he wanted to find a tight seal.” Inappropriate but she’ll be entertaining.
Kelsey – Seems elegant, mature, naturally pretty. Gave me chills explaining that she’s a widow at 28 years old.
Mackenzie – Young mother, seems genuine and mature for her age. Appeared nervous.
Megan – Seemed really nervous, Chris seemed to be attracted to her.
Nikki – No real opinion yet.
Reegan – Awkward limo exit with the cooler and fake heart. Wasn’t impressed by the one arm hug.
Tara – Loved that she showed up in boots, shorts, and plaid. Risky and confident in her style. I think i’ll like her. The other girls, not so much. Then, her second limo exit.. ha!
Trina – Pretty gal, loved her limo exit. They seemed to connect.
Whitney – Looks resemble Jessica Parker to me. Seems confident and comfortable, like the southern accent. He seemed to really like her. Asked him about insemination in pigs, ha! Chris said he’s excited about her.

The other women (last 15 girls to arrive):
Alissa – Cheesy but cute blog. Memorable limo exit with the seatbelt.
Becca – Chris seemed to have a great first impression, really pretty girl and beautiful dress choice. One of my favorites from the limo exits!
Bo – No real impression yet.
Brittany – Scandalous, came across as confident, sexy, and risky. Cute hashtag poster board (#Soulesmates).
Carly – Came out doing karaoke, gutsy and confident. Liked her!
Jade – Chris seemed to really be attracted to her. She seemed cute and sweet.
Jordan – Brought him whiskey for a shot, memorable.
Juelia – No opinion yet.
Kara – Already talking about babies right out of the limo.
Kimberly – Thought her dress was beautiful and simple.
Michelle – Seemed giddy, wasn’t a fan of her dress. Called Chris a “babe”.
Nicole – Came out with a pig snout on, brave and confident. Cute statement “wanted to ham it up for you.”
Samantha – First gal out of the second group of 15. Didn’t like the fact she told her “buh bye” when she walked off. Walked into a tension trap with the first 15 girls who arrived.
Tandra – Arrived on a motorcycle, memorable entrance. Gorgeous dress and gal. Chris seemed impressed.
Tracy – Cute, shared notes from her students. Good first impression.

Okay, I jotted my notes and made some predictions on who I thought Chris had an automatic connection with. I believe the first impression rose will go to Britt. That was before the last 15 girls so it’ll be interesting. I think Kaitlyn is going to be entertaining, Chris called her a firecracker. She’ll be around for entertainment I have a feeling, ha! With 30 girls, the one on one time seemed to be cut shorter than usual. “The claws are out” was a statement made by one of them and I couldn’t agree, they are definitely aggressive already. Not a good impression by Ashley S. when Chris and Brittany were in conversation, we about to be a brawl. Then was all hung up on talking about an onion. I’m not a fan of hers so far (Ashley S.). I think a few of the gals definitely enjoyed the alcohol too much.. Tara for sure, poor girl. Might have ruined her confident and memorable limo exit. Liked the duet song question when Chris said it would have to be something country, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Don’t remember who that conversation was with. Interesting conversations and it’s almost time for the first impression rose so the tension is building.

(Drumroll please) The first impression rose goes to… BRITT!!! I knew it, I just got chills that I saw that connection when they first laid eyes on each other AND then they shared their first kiss (on the first night mind you). Yep, she’ll be around for a long time and I am so giddy about it! No lie, I didn’t skip ahead and as you read this blog is how I’m watching and typing. Love it!

My favorite four based on the first show are: Britt (obviously), Kelsey, Becca, and Carly. Hoping they get a rose.

First rose ceremony is happening now. Once it’s over, I’ll post who didn’t receive a rose. On a side note, do you ever wonder how they remember all of the names when they are handing out the roses? I certainly do, I’m terrible with names. Especially the first time I meet someone. I am assuming they have something to reference when it’s the first night but who knows. During the rose ceremony – Tara is beginning to feel sick it seems standing and waiting. Bless her heart, she had too much to drink and looks miserable. Oh man, she almost fell! I feel terrible for her, I really liked her when she exited the limo. Interesting, Chris just walked out without saying a word. Oh my. He left to talk about Tara. he was going to pick her but has picked up on her sloppy drunkenness. Let’s see how this plays out. He’s second guessing himself on the first night, this could be “the most dramatic season, yet.” Had to throw it in there for all my avid Bachelor buddies! He just called Tara’s name and the girls in the room were floored. Alright readers, leaving on the first night are (with tear filled eyes).. Nicole, Amanda, Kara, Kimberly. Glad my favorites survived the first night!!

Whoa, Kimberly just went back in after she was supposed to leave and asked to steal Chris for a second (all the while, they were in the middle of celebrating the end of the rose ceremony and making it to another week). Won’t see what happens with that until next week. Ahhh, the anticipation!

Well there you have it, my live blog thoughts as I watched the much-anticipated 3-hour premiere. If you’re watching then I’m assuming you’re the only ones who’d still be reading at this point but, I’d love to hear your opinions on the first night and who your favorites are. It’s going to be an exciting season and I’ll be back with more next week!