If you have watched basketball, football or Nascar, then more than likely you’ve seen an advertisement for AdvoCare. If you’ve seen any of my previous posts, there’s a chance you’ve heard me mention AdvoCare.

What is AdvoCare you ask? AdvoCare was founded in Plano, Texas in 1993. They provide nutritional, weigh-management, sports performance, and skin care products that are backed by the latest scientific knowledge and ingredients and created safe and effective. AdvoCare products help to improve lives through superior nutrition and wellness.

How I got started with AdvoCare
A friend of mine offered to share products with me to try and I was instantly hooked on AdvoCare’s Spark. Spark is a vitamin and amino acid supplement energy drink mix. I tried the grape, pink lemonade, and fruit punch flavors. You just mix one service with 8 ounces of water and drink. The amount of focus and energy I had was amazing. No more groggy feeling, I was ready to tackle the day. If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t a fan of the meal replacement shakes, they just aren’t for me. However, Kasey loves them and has one daily. He really enjoys them and their many flavors. Like with all things, one product isn’t going to work for everyone but for me. I knew I would be ordering Spark and I wanted to share Spark with friends and family, so why not get a discount while doing so as well? That’s just what I did. Back in Oct. 2015 I signed up as a distributor so that now when I purchase products for myself or others, they are discounted.

I am still learning more and trying different AdvoCare products. I am currently in a 24-day challenge with the same friend who first shared AdvoCare with me. She has been an amazing accountability partner during the challenge so far and I will share with you more about the challenge once we’ve finished. There is such a wonderful support group and I’ve been able to reconnect with a few ladies that I went to high school with. I am hoping that not only out of a more healthier lifestyle, I will establish long lasting friendships as well.

I am going to add a tab at the top of my site along with my Young Living and Photography business information incase you want to read more about AdvoCare. I will link my site there as well and if you have any questions or would like to try a product on me, please just ask!

Have a day full of sunshine!


Super Bowl XLIX!

Going into the game, it was really a coin toss of who I was going to pull for. However, I am over the bandwagon Seattle fans that have filled my news feed this season. Never heard a word from them until a few months ago. So, with that said.. I’m pulling for the Patriots! Granted, once this is posted, the game will be long over and it won’t matter who I am or was pulling for. While it’s on though, I’ll provide you with some of my thoughts and favorite commercials.

Halftime was actually entertaining. Katy Perry brought it, kept it conservative, and classy. Definitely earned my respect, I enjoyed it. I think the opening transformer tiger was totally rad and I loved the singing beach balls and sharks. Felt bad for Lenny, didn’t see him much yet they advertised his name a lot. It was cool Missy made an appearance, maybe she’s coming back?

Favorite commercials:

  • Budweiser Puppy
  • Always, Like A Girl
  • Jeep – This Land is Our Land
  • Mercedes – Tortoise and Hare

What an ending!! Stay classy Seattle, can’t win ’em all. All of Cowboys Nation said Amen! So yeah, back to my news feed being silent, ’tis so sweet. Great Super Bowl showdown! Now, let’s bring back football and my Dallas Cowboys!!

CONGRATULATIONS on a well deserved win.